Current Task: Writing Book Proposal

This hasn’t been an easy task, although I knew it wouldn’t be! It has made me realize the importance of knowing one’s subject matter in some detail at least before deciding to write a book. Having a strong foundation is a must and will definitely help me in the long run.

The first step of the book proposal, that I completed a couple of weeks ago, is a basic book outline with chapter names. The second step entails fleshing out the chapters with a summary paragraph of what the chapter will cover. That is proving hard to do on the research I’ve currently done. I read a lot but I realize I have so much more to read. The process has been exciting though, illuminating even. I’m definitely excited about the prospect of doing more in-depth research, to really open my eyes.

A difficult task for me was deciding who my target audience should be. I wondered, would Malawians be interested in reading my book? Malawians in Malawi, or elsewhere in Africa? Malawians in the West? Or non-Malawians everywhere?

This proposal needs to be as stellar as possible. Now I’m onto my third draft and I’m still not fully satisfied. I honestly have L.H. to thank for my proposal being as good as it currently is; her insight and comments have been absolutely priceless.


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